How to withdraw money

Withdraw money

You can withdraw money with no restrictions, using your Neocash MasterCard payment card in the automated teller machines (ATMs) of MasterCard-affiliated banks, of which there are over 2 million worldwide.

You can withdraw any amount equal to or less than the credit available on your Neocash MasterCard payment card.

Warning – The withdrawal will be refused if you have insufficient balance on your payment card.

Charges in France and the euro zone

When you withdraw money in a euro-zone country, the ATM will issue euro notes to you.

A charge of €2 per withdrawal will be debited.

Charges in the rest of the world

In the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark and any other country outside the euro zone,

a charge of €3 per withdrawal will be debited.

The withdrawal will be in the local currency and an additional currency-conversion fee of 3% will also be charged.