How to pay in store

Pay in Shops with Neocash MasterCard

Make purchases in shops without any restrictions, using your Neocash MasterCard payment card.

Your Neocash MasterCard payment cards works like any traditional bank card at the till in MasterCard network-affiliated shops, which means 32 million outlets in 210 countries.

The merchant puts your card into the EPT and enters the value of your purchase.

You need to check this sum and validate the transaction by entering your 4-digit PIN, which has been texted to you when activating your Neocash MasterCard payment card.

Your prepaid payment card can be used until you have exhausted the credit available on your card.

Systematic authorisation is requested from Neocash: before each transaction, the system checks that the Neocash MasterCard payment card has enough credit. Transactions are debited immediately.

There is no risk of going overdrawn or bank charges:

your Neocash MasterCard payment card prevents overspending, so it is very useful for helping to manage your budget.

Payment in France and the euro zone:

You will not be charged any extra for purchases made within France or the rest of Europe (euro zone only).

Payment outside the euro zone or in the rest of the world:

When you make a purchase with your card abroad, a charge of €0.35 per transaction is applied.