How to pay online

Pay Securely and Discreetly Online

You can make purchases online without any restrictions using your Neocash MasterCard payment card.

It is used like a traditional bank card at any merchant displaying the MasterCard logo.

To pay online or make distance bookings (car hire, hotel booking, etc.), even over the phone, you will have to give details shown on your Neocash MasterCard payment card:

  • the 16-digit payment card number on the front of your Neocash MasterCard
  • the expiry date of your Neocash MasterCard payment card
  • the CVC (3 last digits of the reference number from the signature strip on the back of the card)

Warning: The merchant should never ask you for your 4-digit PIN.

The purchase will be refused if you have insufficient credit on Neocash MasterCard your payment card.

Payment on a site from France or the euro zone

You will not be charged any extra for purchases made within France and Europe (euro zone only).

Payment on a site outside the euro zone or in the rest of the world

When you make a purchase with your card abroad, a charge of €0.35 per transaction is applied.


Paying online with your Neocash MasterCard payment card is secure, but you should ensure that the merchant site where you are making your purchases is secure.

The web address should begin with “https” and a closed padlock should appear at the bottom of your browser.

Do not give out information relating to your bank card if you are not sure about the merchant. Carefully check their identity and never give out the 4-digit PIN sent to you via text message.

Always keep the confirmation of the amount, the date and the transaction reference.