How to share money

Share funds with your friends and family

Sharing money with your friends and family is child’s play when you both have Neocash MasterCard payment cards.

All you have to do is give the number of the card to credit, the number of the card to debit and the amount to debit (min €20, max €250).

Transfers between cards are immediate and completely free.

Beneficiaries have their money immediately and without restrictions, anywhere in the world, at no additional charge.

The sum credited to the Neocash MasterCard payment card in this way can be used to pay in a shop, over the phone or online, and to withdraw as much money as is available.

Stop-Gap Top-Up

You can credit “cash” to far-away friends and family.

To do so, go to your tobacconist or newsagent and ask for NEOCODE or NEOSURF top-ups that you can pay for in cash.

In exchange for your money, the merchant will give you a voucher bearing the code, which you can immediately send to the holder of the Neocash payment card (by email or text message).

The card holder will then just have to use the code that you send them to top up their card.

The card is then topped up and can be used like any traditional bank card in shops affiliated with the MasterCard network, which means 33 million outlets in 210 countries, or withdraw money with no restrictions, at any time, from the automated teller machines (ATMs) of MasterCard-affiliated banks, which means over 24 million worldwide.

The transfer charge is 1.5% of the amount transferred and is charged to the sender of the funds.