How to convert cash into payment card

Convert Cash

Your Neocash MasterCard payment card can be topped up with cash within Metropolitan France.

Having activated your Neocash MasterCard payment card, all you have to do is go to one of the 25,000 participating tobacconists and newsagents.  (click for list)

Buy Neocash or Neosurf top-ups from your retailer, or Neocode vouchers, depending on your needs.

In exchange for your payment, you will receive a voucher showing the amount and a series of 10 alphanumeric characters.

Text “TOPUP”, followed by a space, the 10 digits shown on your voucher, a space, and then the last 8 digits of your Neocash MasterCard number to +33 (0)6 69 25 25 25.

The charge for topping up depends on the amount and the type of top-up.

Neocode vouchers: €20 = €2, €50 = €3, €100 to €250 = 4%

Neocash top-ups: €10 to €250 = 7%

Neosurf top-ups: €10 to €100 = 7%

You can immediately use your Neocash MasterCard payment card as a traditional bank card for paying in shops or online, or for withdrawing money.

Your prepaid payment card can be used until you have exhausted the credit available on your Neocash MasterCard.