How to give ideal gift

Giving a Neocash MasterCard® as a Gift

Give your friends, family or colleagues the gift of a Neocash MasterCard payment card and let them choose.

The Neocash MasterCard prepaid payment card is a universal gift card: it can be used anywhere on the MasterCard network throughout the world.

The Neocash gift card is suited to any celebration, occasion or event:

birth, birthday, marriage, communion, retirement, school or exam success, Christmas, St Nicolas Day, New Year or Valentine’s Day.

Once the card has been received, it can be topped back up by any family member or friend during the card’s validity period (2 years) for any additional celebrations.

You can give it without credit, or topped up with any amount that you want.

3 ways of buying your NEOCASH gift card:

The beneficiary can then use their Neocash MasterCard gift card as a traditional payment card to pay in shops or online, and to withdraw money up to the value of the credit given on the card.

Neocash gift cards are about:

The pleasure of letting them choose.

The certainty that they will like being able to choose.

The option of topping up the card again one or several times, once the credit has been spent.

The possibility of topping up as many times as there are special events during the card’s two-year validity period.

A universal payment card that can be topped up and used (in France, abroad and online) in shops and at sites affiliated to the MasterCard network, which means 32 million outlets in 210 countries

Neocash chose MasterCard to give you the best possible security-service level.

Neocash gift cards have a PIN that enables each transaction to be validated.

If the card is lost or stolen, the beneficiary can report it lost or stolen, which freezes the sum available on their card.