Share money with family with Neocash

Share money for no charge wherever you are in the world

If you want to send money to your friends and family regularly or occasionally, in France or abroad, the Neocash MasterCard payment card is for you!

Sharing money with your friends, family or colleagues is child’s play when you both have Neocash MasterCard prepaid payment cards.

Neocash lets you share money immediately, 24h/24 & 7j/7.

Any holder of a Neocash MasterCard® prepaid card can share money with the holder of another Neocash MasterCard® prepaid card (card holder must be Verified Statut).

The shared funds can then be withdrawn immediately from an automated teller machine (ATM), or spent as the recipient needs, by using the Neocash payment card in MasterCard network-affiliated shops, which means 32 million outlets in 210 countries.

The benefits of sharing money with Neocash MasterCard

  • Instant: the money is available instantly
  • Free: there is no charge
  • Simple: no need for a bank account
  • Practical: no need to go anywhere
  • Anywhere in the world: 32 million outlets and 2 million ATMs in 210 countries
  • Completely secure: no middle man and no cash changes hands

Beneficiaries have their money immediately and without restrictions, anywhere in the world*, at no additional charge.

That means they can:

  • use their Neocash MasterCard payment cards to pay at the till in MasterCard network-affiliated shops, which means 32 million outlets in 210 countries
  • withdraw money from the automated teller machines (ATMs) of MasterCard-affiliated banks, of which there are over 2 million worldwide
  • pay for online purchases at any commercial website displaying the MasterCard acceptance mark
  • pay over the phone, book a hotel or hire a car

*Somes countries are not allowed for sharing money, please see the Terms and Conditions