Take control of your budget with Neocash

Take Control of Your Budget with the Neocash MasterCard® prepaid Payment Card

Do you want effective and secure solutions to give you better control of your spending, or that of your family or colleagues?

An End to Overspending and Going Over Your Budget

The Neocash MasterCard payment card lets you take control of your budget, and limit your spending and that of others (children, teenagers, domestic helpers or household employees).

Capped Spending: a Payment Card that Blocks Overspending

The Neocash MasterCard payment card is an international payment card that prevents overspending: your payments and withdrawals are only authorised within your budget (the amount credited/topped up onto the card). That makes it impossible to spend more than the amount credited onto the card.

Neocash MasterCard payment cards are prepaid and can be topped up, giving you the greatest possible control over spending, freedom and security.

It is you who determines the amount to credit to Neocash MasterCard prepaid payment cards (yours or those of your loved ones).

Each Neocash MasterCard payment card is personal and independent of any other Neocash MasterCards that your family or company may own.

It can only be used by its sole holder, who is given a PIN.

  • The Neocash MasterCard prepaid payment card has no connection to your bank account. You can only use it until you have used up your balance.

The sum credited to the Neocash MasterCard prepaid payment card can be used to pay in a shop, over the phone or online, and to withdraw money.

It is particularly suited to:

  • people who want to limit their spending
  • people who do not want to carry cash
  • families wanting to offer teenagers independence
  • families wanting a completely secure way to start teaching their children about money and using a card
  • young people travelling within Europe or further afield (language courses, exchanges, study, traineeship, training)
  • young people at boarding school
  • to retain control over the spending of a dependent or ward
  • to retain control over the spending of domestic helpers or household employees
  • to retain control over the of colleagues (for example, during a business trip)

An Easy-to-Top-Up Card

There are several ways of topping up:

  • buying a top-up voucher to the value of your choice
  • Neocash card to Neocash card transfer
  • funds transfer to the card to be credited

All the donor needs is the number of the card to be credited.

The beneficiary’s Neocash MasterCard payment card is credited immediately.

Reminder of the various ways of topping up (table with price list)

Card Monitoring and Transaction History

Monitor and take control of your spending by consulting your transaction history in real time at the site www.neocash.fr and going to the “My Account” heading.

You can also find out your Neocash MasterCard prepaid payment card’s balance by texting “BALANCE”, followed by a space and then the last 8 digits of your card number to +33 (0)6 69 25 25 25.

Take control of and cap your outgoings by spending only what is available on your card: overdrafts are impossible.

Focus on Young People

Neocash: a Rechargeable Prepaid Payment Card for Controlled Independence

A holiday camp, a study trip, a language exchange, a stay abroad or with family, day-to-day spending, etc.

… Or to manage pocket money.

The Neocash payment card is a real tool to teach your children about and familiarise them with money, so that they can gain some independence and learn to manage their budget.

You top up your child’s card online as often as you want.

  • This card enables purchases at shops displaying the MasterCard acceptance mark and cash withdrawals from ATMs.
  • There is no risk of going overdrawn: your children can only spend the sums available on their cards, thanks to the systematic authorisation function.
  • You and your children can monitor the transactions made online.