Your Neocash MasterCard payment card enables you to make purchases in complete discretion.

We guarantee the confidentiality and security of the transactions you make with your Neocash MasterCard payment card.

Your Neocash MasterCard payment card is completely separate from your traditional bank card and your bank account.

Your credit and debit history is only available online for you alone, using your username and password.

No account statement will be sent to your address.

Neosurf as a company is dedicated to protecting your private life when your card is using our websites and their services.

Neosurf takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of the personal data that your provide.

Any use of the sites and services of Neosurf must respect French law and shall be deemed to have taken place on French territory. As such, it is subject to French rules on combating money laundering and the funding of terrorism.

The data processing carried out by Neosurf has been declared, in accordance with the obligations set out in the French law known as “Data-Processing and Liberties”, No. 78(17) of 6 January 1978, modified by the law of 6 August 2004. The data that you provide on sites or when registering for services (questionnaires, games, etc.), whatever the medium used, are processed in accordance with French law, which is the law applicable to the protection of data collected by sites and for services. For more information on this law, please visit the site of the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL,

With your prepaid payment card, you limit your spending to the sums credited to your card.

Before each transaction, the system checks that the Neocash MasterCard payment card has enough credit. The transaction is debited immediately.

Your Neocash MasterCard payment card is not linked to any bank account, but you enjoy all the benefits and security of a MasterCard payment card (practical, simple, secure).

The transactions carried out with your Neocash MasterCard are secure and you benefit from the same mechanisms for protection against loss/theft/fraudulent transactions as with a traditional bank card.

No accidental paying in shops

In order for a Neocash MasterCard payment transaction to go through in a shop, you need to validate the transaction with a PIN.

Pay online in complete security

Increasing levels of Internet fraud are leading ever great numbers of people not to use their bank card for online payments.

The Neocash MasterCard payment card enables you to top up the exact amount for an online purchase and pay immediately. This means that your card cannot be used after that purchase because the credit has been completely used up. To make another purchase, it will be necessary to credit the card with the exact amount for your new purchase.

Neocash MasterCard technology

Neocash MasterCard payment cards are equipped with a chip that exchanges information with the payment terminal. When your card is put into a reader, the detail of the payment transaction are recorded and then sent to your bank for processing, just like for a traditional transaction.

Think about security in the same way as you would with a traditional bank or credit card

Sign the back of your card.

Your card is precious, so keep it in your wallet or card holder. When you hand your bank card to a merchant, always keep an eye on your card.

Pay directly at the till. Do not become separated from your card. This will prevent dishonest merchants from charging you twice fraudulently or copying your card’s magnetic strip.

Carefully check the amount on the screen of the EPT before entering your PIN or on the card receipt before signing.

Check that you are not signing two receipts at once. Always keep your PIN secret and protect it from prying eyes. Shield the keypad with one hand and move away from anyone waiting around you (at a shop till or restaurant table, for example).

If your card is lost or stolen, have it blocked immediately by calling the lost and stolen cards centre: you will enjoy the same security measures as a traditional bank card.


Credit up to €1,000 onto your Neocash MasterCard prepaid payment card before you have to register it

For even greater security, your card is completely anonymous to begin with.

At that point, the cumulative top-up limit is €1,000.

To credit more than €1,000 onto your Neocash MasterCard prepaid payment card you have to register it

Send us a colour photocopy or scan of an official document (identification + proof of address):

– online:, “My Account” tab, then “History”

– par e-mail at

– by post: Neosurf, 10 rue Pierre Brossolette – 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre.