How to reload your Neocash MasterCard®

Top Up by Text

All you need to do to top up your Neocash MasterCard by text is get a Neosurf or Neocode top-up code from a tobacconist.

1. Type “TOPUP” followed by a space

2. Then type the top-up code, followed by a space

3. Then the last 8 digits of your Neocash card

4. Send the text to 33(0)6 69 25 25 25

Top up by card-to-card transfer

Neocash lets you share money immediately, with no constraints or charges, 24/7.

Any holder of a Neocash MasterCard prepaid card can share money with the holder of another Neocash MasterCard prepaid card.

The shared funds can then be withdrawn immediately from an automated teller machine (ATM), or spent as the recipient needs, by using the Neocash payment card in MasterCard network-affiliated shops, which means 32 millions outlets in 210 countries.