How to use your Neocash online account:

In order to make full use of all your Neocash MasterCard’s functionalities, you need to open a Neocash account.

Once you have registered, all you need to do is enter your login details at, and you will have access to the various sections:

My Info:

For changing your password or your personal details.

Top Up My Card:

You can use this menu to transfer funds onto your Neocash MasterCard:

  • either using your Neocash account, by making a transfer or depositing with your bank card
  • or with a Neocode or Neosurf recharge code, on sale at over 35,000 tobacconists

Balance and History:

This separate menu for the Neocash account enables you to consult in real time the essential information about your card and its current balance.

You need to log in using your Neocash MasterCard and its PIN.

Share Card-to-Card:

Once your account has been set to Premium status, you can enjoy the functionality of sharing money between Neocash cards.

All you have to do to validate the transaction is give the number of the Neocash MasterCard to which you want to transfer the money.